Obsidian is a thought leader in DevOps methodology and bringing commercial best practices in DevOps to the federal government, addressing the unique federal challenges of Security, Regulation, and sometimes most importantly, Culture.

Obsidian’s approach to DevOps—which includes continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment—when combined with Agile, addresses the entire Software Development Lifecycle.

Obsidian’s approach to delivering incremental development continuously to production reduces defects, eliminates excess cycle time, and provides continuous feedback and outage windows deploying to production.

Obsidian is providing DevOps thought leadership and DevOps engineering and development services currently to Social Security Administration (SSA) and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

DevOps Application Development Tools Used:

  • Ruby on Rails, Sublime Text, Atom, Bootstrap 3, JavaScript, PostgreSQL/MongoDB/MySQL, NodeJS, CSS3 and HTML 5

DevOps Engineering:

  • AWS, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Chef, Git, Gitlab, Github, Leankit, JIRA, Cucumber, Brakman, rspec, Apache
  • Nagios, Pjwick, New Relic, PhoneGap, Jenkins, Web Analytics, Capistrano, Confluence

DevOps Programs:

  • SSA