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Obsidian Global, LLC Extends Support To B.E.S.T. 2022 Robotics Competition

October 17, 2022.

Montgomery, Alabama.  What has the excitement of a basketball game, the challenge of a science fair, the strategy of a chess match, and the pressure of a sporting event?  BEST Robotics.

Obsidian Global CEO, Drew Conway, knows the value of a solid STEM education for all students and is committed to making a difference in our communities.  This year, Mr. Conway found the Montgomery BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) Robotics organization needed support to make this year’s competition a reality.  He responded with a financial donation to have this year’s competition field built and facilitated volunteers from his staff to provide hands-on support to Hub and Regional activities.   

BEST is a national program with fifty local competition sites in eighteen states, with a mission to engage and excite students about engineering, science, and technology and inspire them to pursue careers in these fields. It is administered by BEST Robotics Inc, a non-profit organization that sets the curriculum and competition standards for the competition.  Through participation in BEST, students learn to analyze and solve problems utilizing the Engineering Design Process, which helps them develop technological literacy skills. Each fall, over 850 middle and high schools, and over 18,000 students take part in the competition.

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