Point of Contact


Ben Nauman
Executive Vice President


Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)


Core Competencies leveraged

  • Cyber Security

  • DevSecOps

  • Cloud & IT Services


Work performed

  • DevOps Engineering

  • RHEL Administration/Engineering

  • Windows Administration

  • .Net Development

  • UI Design

  • Desktop Support

  • Information Assurance

  • Network Security

  • Instructional Design

Our staff worked with the FBI insider threat team to focus on mobile device forensics, media analysis services, incident response support, and mobile device threat analysis. Obsidian examined, researched, and recommended security protections for mobile computing devices and digital media. We reviewed mobile application security settings and made risk-based determinations of threat level. We used leading edge tools such as AirWatch Mobile Device Management and Steel Talon Mobile Security Management to manage approximately 35,000 mobile devices across the enterprise. Obsidian assessed the suitability of applications for use on FBI phones with consideration to security/vulnerability assessment, adherence to policy, and compatibility with supported operating systems. We performed full assessments of more than 50 applications and performed periodic re-assessments of approximately 500 applications, using FireEye, Zimperium, Now Secure, and Kryptowire to test for vulnerabilities before making a recommendation for use on FBI phones.

Department of Justice


Department of justice

Federal Civilian Agency