Army ERP Services (AES)

Through Stango Obsidian Alliance, LLC Joint Venture

Contract Number: W52P1J-16-D-0027


Period of Performance: January 6, 2016 - January 6, 202


Contract Type: Multiple Award IDIQ: Supports All FP, All CR, and T&M/LH CLINS


Award Date: January 6, 2016


Contract Description


Under this IDIQ vehicle the following Programs/Organizations are supported:

- Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Portfolio including AESIP Hub, Global Combat Support Systems – - - Army (GCSS-Army), and Logistics Modernization Program (LMP)
- General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Portfolio including GFEBS, GFEBS Sensitive Activities (GFEBS-SA), and - Army Contract Writing System (ACWS)
- Army Shared Services Center (Army-SSC)
- Army Stakeholder Organizations e.g. Fort Hood, Tobyhanna Army Depot


Army ERP Services includes requirements for the full lifecycle or any segment of ERP services including design, development, deployment, fielding, and sustainment services required for Army ERP Programs. The mission of this vehicle is to provide ERP Services for the Project Manager (PM) AESIP, PM GFEBS, Army-SSC, and any Army stakeholder organization.

Point of Contact

James Fallen

Chief Information Officer

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